Using Liquid Candle Dyes

Liquid dyes are capable of providing rich, vibrant colors in most waxes.  However, there are some things to learn before beginning to use these dyes.

Storage: We recommend storing your dyes inside a box or container of some sort.  Although we package our dyes in quality HDPE bottles, over extended periods of time plastics can degrade and become compromised.  If this happens, leakage can occur from bottles and containers, so it is helpful to store you dyes within a secondary box or container in case this happens.  Be sure to store you dyes upright to avoid leakage through the lids.

Candles in different shades of purple
three burning purple toned candles with purple background

Preparation: Liquid candle dyes are extremely concentrated.  As such, it is important to protect all surfaces from spills and stains when using liquid dyes.  We recommend covering your work surface with a sheet of cardboard, thick paper or multiple layers of paper, or even working over a metal baking pan that can catch drips and spills. In addition, gloves should be worn to protect your skin from staining, and old clothes or an apron can be worn to protect clothing.  It can also be helpful to wear old shoes (ask us how we know!).

For a medium to dark shade, you will need to use roughly 0.05% dye, which is roughly 7-8 drops per pound of wax.  **You can also calculate this mathematically like this:

  • Total batch size X 0.005=amount of liquid dye to be used. (Medium Shade)

For darker shades, try using 0.1% dye, or multiply the batch size by 0.01.

For paler shades, try using 0.005%, or multiply the batch size by 0.0005.

Measurement conversions:

1 oz=28 grams

1 pound = 454 grams=16 ounces

1 Tbsp=15 grams=roughly ½ ounce

1 Tsp=5 grams=roughly 1/5 ounce

½ Tsp=roughly 2 grams

¼ Tsp=roughly 1 gram

One drop=roughly 0.03 gram

1 gram=roughly 33 drops