Fragrances for Lotions & Body Sprays

We have compiled a helpful list of our fragrances that can be used in lotions, body sprays, and other products.  For your particular product we recommend you consult the IFRA for each fragrance.  The IFRA is listed on our website under the fragrance description. Look for a tab marked “IFRA Data” and consult the appropriate category for your formulation to determine what the safe usage rates are for your products.

If you have any questions about our fragrances, please email them to!

Please Note: We add new fragrances often.  We will update this list as new fragrances become available so be sure to check back often! 

Lotion & Body Spray Fragrance Oils

True Rose-Yankee Type

Volcano- Capri Blue Type

Japanese Cherry Blossom-BBW Type

Lick Me All Over


Lavender Linen

Island Lavender

Vanilla Patchouli



Egyptian Musk/Red Sea Romance

Luxe Linen

Birmingham Belle

Grateful Heart



Pink Sugar-Type

Pink Magnolia


Caribbean Coconut


Vanilla Sandalwood

Pearberry-BBW Type

Warm Vanilla Sugar-BBW Type

Sugar Cookie

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Baby Powder

German Iris


Pomegranate & Blackberry

Peach Nectar

Butt Naked/Tropical Paradise

French Vanilla

Butter Cream

Southern Sweet Tea

Small bottle with clear body spray base.
Pair one of these great fragrances with our Body Spray, Foaming Bath Whip, Shower Gel, Melt and Pour Soap, or Multi-base EL-1 Easy Lotion for quick additions to your product line!

Coconut Lime Verbena

Birthday Cake

Sea Salt & Agave


Cucumber Melon

Vanilla Bean-BBW Type

Vanilla Sandalwood

Zesty Citrus/Ruby Red Grapefruit

Macintosh Apple-Yankee Type


Seaside Citrus


Coconut Creme Pie

Green Apple- Jolly Rancher Type

Kentucky Bourbon-Great for Men!

NEW!- Blooms & Butterflies/Spring & Renewal Febreze-Type

NEW!-British Parliament-Great for Men or Women

NEW!-Cotton Candy

NEW!-Tropical Serenity

NEW!-Rainbow Twist

NEW! Bluebonnet

NEW!-Fiji Date & Lemon

NEW & IMPROVED!- Cucumber

NEW & IMPROVED! -Cucumber Sea Salt

NEW & IMPROVED!- Cucumber Mint